Switch Pokemon Game | Nintendo New Pokemon Switch Game – Details

Switch Pokemon Game: Are you guys looking out for games which can be easily browsed and downloaded from the stores available on-line. Are you a Pokemon fan? Then here is an interesting news from Nintendo people who are releasing the new  Pokemon Switch Game. With that announcement, the time seems ripe to speculate on what form this game would take. Here we from www.pokemonswitch.org are here  to give all the details regarding the latest trending game on-line which is Switch Pokemon Game.

Switch Pokemon Game

Switch Pokemon Game

It would be quite interesting to know that Switch Pokemon Game is different from the previous Nintendo Games. Gamers shall note that it’s a free-to-start game that’s also heading to Android and iOS platforms. For further details on this amazing Pokemon Switch Game please scroll down to get all the particulars.

Switch Pokemon Game

Details of Switch Pokemon Game 

Now as per the officials, it is said that Each Pokemon is depicted in cube form and the player doesn’t control them directly. Instead, they will wander around in groups across Tumble cube Island while the player waits for attack bars to fill. The aim is to clear stages while collecting Power Stones and other items from around the island. Pokemon Switch Game is an advanced version of th previous Nintendo games and it has all the latest features which will attract more gamers.

Each Pokemon can be powered up and used in formations while back at base camp you can do some crafting, create new items, which in turn attract new Pokemon for you to collect. Yes, this is Pokemon in its most casual form, but then when you’re targeting free-to-play on mobile platforms it has to be. For further details on Switch Pokemon Game refer to our official website at www.pokemonswitch.org.

Switch Pokemon Game

According to the press release about the games, “they feature brand new game play to make the most of the unique capabilities of Nintendo Switch, such as throwing Poke Balls to catch Pokemon by swinging Joy-Con controllers, as well as the opportunity for family and friends to battle and explore together in a new two-player mode.”

Overview of Switch Pokemon Game

  • Initial Release Date : 16 July 2015
  • Genre : Fighting Game
  • Platforms : Nintendo Switch, WiiU, Arcade game, Arcade cabinet
  • Developers : The Pokémon Company, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bandai Namco Holdings.
  • Publishers : Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Series :  Pokémon, Tekken

Speculations on Switch Pokemon Game

  • Pokemon Switch release date isn’t until 2019:

Switch Pokemon Game

For all of the hopeful ones among us that read that Pokemon Switch Game release date was in “2018 or later” as very much this year, we’re all about to be disappointed. The next core Pokemon RPG isn’t coming until 2019, so for now we’ll have to suffice with Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee for 2018.

  • Will the first Pokemon Switch game be a Kanto remake?

Switch Pokemon Game

The latest rumour surrounding the upcoming Pokemon Switch Game is that it will be a return to Kanto, probably something to do with a Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green re-master.

  • Pokemon Stars or something else entirely?

Switch Pokemon Game

According to a report, the Pokemon game coming to Switch Pokemon Game is a Pokemon Stars, a spin-off from Pokemon Sun and Moon similar to what Pokemon Yellow did for Pokemon Red and Blue back in the day.

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